Anne Schneider

Port Townsend resident for over 20 years, Anne Schneider has emerged in her retirement as a mixed media collage artist. She has studied with teachers from Port Townsend, Vermont, Portland, Oregon, and New Mexico. While learning a variety of techniques in collage artistry, Anne has found her own unique voice in art.

Having started this career in her seventh decade of life, she has moved quickly through these classes and techniques to develop her own style. Anne brings a lively palette to her abstract art. Her creations are often a mixture of acrylic paints and collage papers. She employs whimsical qualities and dynamic movement as she tells a story in her art. However, her art always leaves room for the observer’s interpretations

Art Process

I create many of my collage papers making monoprints using acrylic paints with stencils, masks, lines, stamps and textures.

My work is a process of layering these and other papers with acrylic paints on substrates of canvas, wood boards or papers. Following the layering, a process of excavating through the layers, and adding transparent layers begins. After many layers of paint and papers and use of colors a balance and dimensionality emerges in the work.

Photo credit: Myron Gauger

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