Beverly McNeil

Beverly McNeil Essence of Nature Photography

I am a self taught nature photographer with a passion to share with others, the beauty and wonder of what I see when I am out hiking and exploring with camera in hand. Occasionally I photograph a subject in my studio.

My roots are from Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and the Olympic Peninsula, Washington since 2004. Retired in 2012 from Primary Care Physician Assistant , and prior to that a Community Health Practitioner for nine years in a remote village of interior Alaska. I am married and have three adult children.

My first camera was a Brownie Fiesta 127 at age 15 and I started out taking photos at Lake Tahoe, Nevada which is where I also photographed my first bear while on a solo hike at age 16.
I am somewhat of a purist, as I do not use Photoshop or manipulate my images other than cropping or brightening the colors. I rarely use flash. What you see in my photos is what I saw through my lens.
When framing I use only acid free matting and choose a frame that usually will enhance a special color or texture that is in the image. I make blank greeting cards from 4×6 images as well. Each one is from an original print.
I photograph scenery, flora and fauna, and my favorite subjects are birds.
It is extremely rare that I will, or have, photographed a subject in captivity. I like a challenge and enjoy photographing in a natural environment and watching animal behaviors.
My hope is that people who see my images will appreciate and protect the awesome diversity that we share this planet with.
My personal motto is: Unplug and go outside!


Common Merganzers     Aqua car poolingRed-winged Blackbird  "On the Fly"Amercan Goldfinch, male

img029img014Charming Hummingbird