Caroline Littlefield

I began learning metalsmithing in the 1970s with two years of classes in cloisonné in Seattle. I made cloisonné and stained glass windows until the early 80s.

In 1989 I moved to Mercer Island and learned how to do wire wrapping from a local jeweler. In the mid-90s I took two years of silversmithing and lapidary classes in Boulder CO, along with two years of classes making lampworked glass beads from an artist in Louisville CO.

I moved to Port Townsend in 2000 and took two series of classes concurrently: 8 years of classes in Precious Metal Clay™ from Kathy Van Kleeck; classes in bronze casting from Tom Jay and Sara Mall Johani of The Lateral Line Bronze Casting Foundry, Chimacum. I passed a certification class in Precious Metal Clay from Patrik Kusek in 2010 in Snohomish WA.

I returned to traditional metalsmithing in 2011, making silver and copper jewelry and small boxes using cold connections.

In 2014, I began a series of classes with Walter Massey in Port Townsend where I learned repoussé and learned braising techniques for the first time. I have made jewelry using these techniques, along with hammered copper bowls and a garden gate.

My favorite techniques are repoussé, hammering, cutting out designs with a jewelers saw, using a rolling mill and hydraulic press, fold-forming, and using connections. My motto is that there is no better stress reliever than playing with hammers and fire.

I am inspired by nature and my Celtic heritage. I like to make pieces that look like they were dug up from an archeological dug somewhere in Ireland or Scotland.


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3 dragonfly braceletAthens Owl pendantcherry blossom lentil pendant

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