Mark Henthorn

My art begins with a reverence for nature, continues with the process of interpreting and translating it in a personal way; and ends with my particular vision being appreciated by others. I depict primarily the landscape of the American west, but also other meaningful places from travels throughout the world. I am primarily fascinated with the quality of light on sky, land and water, secondly with the mood, usually the quiet and serenity I find in natuire, as a contrast to the increasingly chaotic world we live in. This is most apparent in the magic hours of dawn and dusk. From my many years as an architect, I bring a love indigenous rural buildings such as barns and older homes. I believe they allude to a subtle relationship between man an nature, and how they connect to the earth.
I have spent over thirtyfive years as an award winning architect and illustrator -while always hungering for additional artistic expression – before beginning a gradual retirement from architecture to concentrate on art. Since that time I have experienced increasing success as a landscape artist, with work shown in galleries, exhibitions and private collections throughout the country. I am mostly self tought, but have a minor in art from Oklahoma State University, and knowledge gained from numerous classes and workshops, plus many years as an architectural illustrator.
After many years living western Colorado, I now reside in on the coast of Washington, but continue to paint and sketch wherever I go in the U.S. and Europe. In any locale, however, the fascination with light, color and the many moods of nature are always present.