Brett Aniballi

Since I was young I’ve always enjoyed all types of art. But I believe my first interest in photography came on a trip to western America when I was a 13 year old Illinois flatlander. To sum it up, it was one of those classic whirlwind family vacations from hell, worthy of a movie I might add, where my dad insisted we see every National Park and Americana tourist trap that we could possibly cram into a 3 week endurance run! (He actually still believes there’s a Walley World somewhere in California!). To my dad’s credit he did equip me with a Kodak Instamatic camera to capture the beautiful but fleeting scenery through the windshield of the motorhome…I believe it was the start of things to come.

I had my first formal introduction to photography as a high school senior in DeLand, Florida. With much encouragement from my teacher and my parents I decided to enroll at the Southeastern Center for Photographic Studies at nearby Daytona Beach Junior College. First semester was a struggle with the poor work I was producing, but in my 2nd semester view camera class I chose landscapes as my theme and things started to click for me. At this time I was also entering competitions and exhibitions and winning many awards. I finally knew what path I would travel with my photography and my life. After graduation in December of 1984 I spent the next 8 years working in the commercial photography field, all the while building my black & white negative files knowing that I would eventually pursue the life of a fine-art photographic artist. Since then I have shown my work at many art galleries and art festivals throughout the country winning more than 50 awards.

My love of nature and travel has led me to choose photography as my expressive medium. It’s a unique art form in the sense that you can literally preserve a moment of time realistically, or you can alter that reality by using camera and/or darkroom techniques to manipulate the film or print, thus allowing more creative freedom. I prefer black & white film because it simplifies the image and the subject matter by putting the emphasis on the composition, light, form and the texture, not it’s color.
I enjoy immersing myself in the pursuit of photographic images; the searching and wandering, looking for any dramatic photo opportunity that presents itself, being aware of the drama of changing light and how it interplays on the land and objects, then reacting to it. Wherever I am, with or without a camera, I’m sensitive to light and awed by it’s beauty. For me, that’s the magic of photography.