Jason Gould

I live in Port Townsend with my wife, three children, and two cats in a Victorian. I am a 4th generation local, born and raised in Port Townsend. I have always been interested in the arts and all types of creation and creative play. As a senior at Port Townsend High School I took a b/w photography class, my only formal art lesson, which taught me a lot about basic composition and presentation in general. After graduation, some travel, and higher education, I returned to PT and worked on the renovation of the Rose Theater. I ended up with a pile of plywood in my yard that I started to paint on. I had a photo show scheduled for the Salal Cafe and in two weeks, at the suggestion of my housemate, I turned the show into mostly paintings. At first I wondered what to paint for the walls of the cafe- pictures of food? Then I came to realize that it didn’t matter what I painted, and that a painting is a documentation of the time and energy put into it, so all I had to do was enjoy the process. That first show was well received and I almost sold everything. I still make my living as a general contractor in construction and I have had many art shows, mostly in restaurants and cafes in PT and Seattle. I continue to find inspiration in the light and spirit of everything and hope that the joy of the process is transferred to the viewer.