Melinda Bryden

Life as an accountant did not encourage creativity….at least if I wanted to stay out of jail. Retirement has given me the freedom to finally unleash all of the curiosity and wonder that was pent up for so long. I believe I must have been a crow in a prior life as anything bright and shiny catches my eye. I started working in cement by designing a 4 foot high mosaic wall depicting nature surrounding a stream that runs its length of 24 feet. The use of found objects especially metal tweaked my interest in using steel with my mosaics, so I spent the next 12 months taking classes to learn to translate metal into art. That has expanded into the use of copper as well as steel. Colors that are bright and eye-catching have become a passion and with the addition of a glass kiln, fused glass has entered the fray. Each day brings new ideas, adventures and paths not yet traveled.

Bryden,M_Free to RoamBryden,M_FrogBryden,M_Spawning

??????????????????BrydenM_Amusing Trio

BrydenM_Blackmouth SalmonDSCN0060IMG_0468