Nancy Fredrick

Artist Statement

I have always loved the outdoors, hiking, camping, just hanging out with rocks and water and trees. About twenty years ago I began to learn to paint the landscape of the Central California Coast where I grew up. I was very fortunate to be able to rent a cabin on Big Creek Timber Company land which I used as an art studio. There I learned to paint in watercolors by hiking out through oak, pine and fir studded hills, through redwood groves, tucking in among alders along the creek and sketching and painting plein air. Some of the small paintings were finished out in the landscape, some finished in the studio and some started and finished in the studio from memory.

Now that I live in Port Townsend, Washington I am learning about a new landscape and I am seeking to establish a connection to the Pacific Northwest through my art by drawing and painting in nature when the weather permits and working from sketches and photos in the studio. The climate here is not as mild as in the Central California Coastal town I moved from so I do not paint as much plein air. I feel drawn to landscapes filled with water, rocks and trees, to those places where forest and land meet the sea. I spend part of each summer sailing out to the islands in the Salish Sea. I draw and paint on those sailing journeys and bring back photos and sketches to use as reference material for paintings in my studio at home.

I had an opportunity a few years ago to spend a month as an artist-in-residence at the Montana Artist Refuge in Basin, Montana. I loved hiking and painting in that landscape. I am also continuing my California Landscape series and spring wildflower studies in the Santa Cruz Mountains when I travel back to my home town a couple of times a year to visit family and friends.

Being out in Nature and connecting to the land through drawing and painting feeds my soul and gives me great joy.