Philip Carrico

My wife and I recently moved to Port Townsend after 38 years in Fairbank, Alaska. I taught art at the middle school level for over 20 years there and got my MFA in printmaking in 2009 from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. Printmaking has always been a passion of mine due to the intricacies of the line designs and my love for working with wood. The art form began in China and I am hoping to keep it alive. I do woodcuts and wood engravings. It begins with a sketch that I transfer to a block of wood. From there, I use special tools to hand carve the block and once that is completed, I pull original prints from the block. I also do multi-colored prints which is a more precise and time consuming process. Some of my works will have as many as 10 colors.

Creative concepts demand imagination, empathy, insight, patience and courage to take risks. I feel I have found all of these qualities in myself and hope to share my works with this wonderful community we now call “home”.

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