Shelley Brown

I started painting fairly late in life – in my early 40’s and I think because of that I seem to be always“catching up”, feeling the need to have 2 or 3 paintings going nearly all the time.
My medium is mostly watercolor but I also like pastels, graphite drawings, occasional acrylics and most recently sculptures. I feel that all of this exploration helps me be a little better at each medium and certainly adds to my pleasure in creating.
I’m mostly self-taught but have taken workshops and been fortunate to have painted with some pretty wonderful painters whose advice has influenced me. I am thankful for the technology that has allowed me to meet other artist’s online. For many years I belonged to Art For Critters and Artist’s United for Animal Welfare, raising money for animal charities through the sale of our artwork on Ebay. In both groups I was fortunate to have met some tremendous artists from around the world. I also sold my paintings in a few venues on Whidbey Island before moving to Port Townsend. Since moving here I have been featured artist here at the Port Townsend Gallery and have participated in several shows at the Northwind Gallery – most recently winning a Merit Award in the Fins, Furs and Feathers show.
My style covers the whole spectrum – from realism to whimsy and the occasional abstract. My subjects also vary – anything that catches just the right light, a strong composition or a color scheme I can’t resist.

annabelleCat Nap 2crow mandala 2

Cultivating Lovedomesticityhoku painting

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